Detoxification and Why You Will Get Sick on a Raw Vegan Diet

Detoxification is the process by which the body cleans itself and eliminates toxins. The body is always detoxified by the liver. However, the Standard American Diet (SAD) has many toxins, and the liver can’t handle all these toxins, so the body stored them in toxins and muscle tissue.

This is to protect the body from further damage. Starting to eat a clean high vegan or full vegan diet gives you the chance to catch up with your body using the detox process. When you start eating a full or complete raw vegan diet and eliminate non-human toxic foods such as dairy products and processed foods, your body begins to cleanse and eliminate toxins that no longer enter the system.

This is an unpleasant experience, often with unpleasant symptoms. However, detoxification must be celebrated. This means that you are eating healthy enough to start this process, and then you will feel healthier and healthier. If you eat high or complete raw vegan, you are almost guaranteed to start this process. Suppose you were never a vegan for life.

Some common symptoms of detoxification are colds, flu, headaches, low energy, bad mood, pain, going to the toilet a lot, cravings, acne breakouts, and nausea. Detox strength depends on your past diet. The worse your diet, the longer and more intense the detox process. As a rule of thumb, eating a raw vegan diet detoxifies an unhealthy diet for one month each year. Also, detox is riding the waves. For example, if you detoxify for a few days, you will suddenly get an amazing energy level for a week, and then you will feel detoxification again. In general, the worst happens first and can take years to completely detoxify. As with anything, the first is the hardest part. Detoxification is expected when starting a high or complete raw vegan diet.

Detoxification is important to understand when starting a clean and healthy raw vegan diet. If you’re not sure, I think the raw vegan diet is causing problems or deficiencies. Detox is due to all the toxic food choices of the past that you have to pay now. But again it’s something to celebrate. That means all waves make you feel lighter, healthier, more energetic, and just better after you experience it. Needless to say, you probably lost fat and look good as well. You are hot vegan

That may be disappointing, but I understand. You are eating raw vegans that are challenging enough to get used to and you are not experiencing immediate gains, but rather a punishment. It’s worth the effort, so I recommend sticking with it. Also, be as kind to yourself as possible. Relax, enjoy a bath or a walk, or take a good rest. Any energy, time, money, and effort you invest in your health is never wasted and is always worth it.

A raw vegan diet is ideal and suitable for the human body, but most people don’t eat anything near their life. Imagine all the meat, cheese, processed foods, sodas, refined sugars you’ve eaten over the years, and the time it takes to eliminate them. Not to mention the medicinal products, alcohol, drugs, dirty water, and toxins that are accumulating in the system.

These are stored to prevent further damage. When you eat raw vegan, you are giving your body the opportunity to cleanse these toxins, and you will feel very good later. Needless to say, the raw vegan diet is very nutritious and healing.