What is a Plant-based Diet?

Our understanding of plant-based diets may differ from one Another individual. In the world of nutrition, a plant-based diet. Most of the nutrition. Also includes vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts, and whole grains Legumes or other plants.

A spectrum of plant-based nutrition options is available. Some are very tough (vegan diet), others are still adding animals Products such as dairy products (vegetarian) Spectra is still eating meat, poultry, and fish Sometimes. We once believed that early humans consumed a large percentage Of animal protein in their diet.

From that belief, the 2000s, ancient diet (mainly composed of animal proteins) It has become really popular in the nutrition and diet world.

However, with bipedal primates, Homo sapiens are mainly nuts, fruits, leaves, roots, seeds, water. In that case, the “original” old diet is Actually a plant-based diet. It also It is not a carnivore among the strongest animals on earth.

The strongest mammal is the gorilla (mostly herbivores). that is the ability to lift about 4409 lbs, which is 10 times the weight. It’s like a 200 lb. individual lifting 2000 lb. Mammals are plant-based and can lead a healthy and strong life Nutrition, we probably are also possible.

Why choose plant-based nutrition?

There are many reasons to choose plant-based nutrition. I’ll explain some of these reasons in detail, but here Top 5:

Improve health: Most Americans consume twice the recommended daily intake of protein. Problems with digestion. By reducing the intake of animals Food, you will probably reach the recommended daily Ingestion of protein without exceeding it. In addition, increased consumption of vegetables and grains And beans bring more fiber to your nutrition. most Americans don’t consume enough fiber, Inflammation of the digestive tract, constipation, and Hemorrhoids.

Successful weight loss and weight management:

In general, individuals consuming plant-based nutrition should: Burns fewer calories than an individual who burns Animal protein. Because most of their calories Come from healthier options and fewer calories per weight. Plant-based eaters tend to reduce and avoid processed food intake Meat-centered restaurants like the fast-food chains they serve Unhealthy eating options.

Prevention or management of chronic diseases:

As you see In the next section, the study Plant-based nutrition can prevent and reduce chronic diseases Promote obesity, a mainly healthy lifestyle, improve their quality of life. Stop spending on supplements. Do you know us The country’s population spends over $30 billion annually supplement? What if you didn’t have to waste that money? Plant-based nutrition makes you more likely to receive All the nutrients you need from natural sources, such as legumes Vegetables, and fruits. This not only saves money but Also, don’t forget to buy Consume supplements.

Save the earth:

Agriculture uses about 70% of us Freshwater (overall average). That is, production More than about 1000% of the meat needs water (1 kg is Than some grains (like 5000 to 20,000 liters of water) Wheat (500-4000 liters are required for 1 kg of wheat) Water).

In addition, many of the grains are grown to feed animals If we eat and start eating that grain Consumption of meat, water, and resources It can be used to make food for animals.